Khu Thể Thao

About Us

  • The Aquila Rescue Center is a ministry dedicated to assisting, caring for, and rescuing individuals addicted to drugs or severely impacted by other social issues.
  • This mission is carried out through the power of God, based on the foundation of the Evangelical Bible, with love and empathy from the caregivers and helpers.
  • The Aquila Rescue Center does not use confinement methods, always emphasizing the respect for the dignity of those who participate in the rehabilitation and de-addiction programs.



The Aquila Center was established to care for, assist, and rescue individuals addicted to drugs and other social vices. We train and equip them to become valuable members of their families and communities.



2009: Establishment of the center

The center began with individuals who had a past of drug addiction and were saved by the power of God. We harbored the desire to have a place to help others with similar pasts. In 2009, with the support of our families, we started establishing the center in Bac Giang. However, facing many difficulties and challenges, the center had to relocate in the gracious plan of God.

2015: The New Land Granted by God.

At the end of 2015, guided and led by God, we found a beautiful piece of land in Phu Man commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi city. At that time, the land was very primitive, with no roads for vehicles. After we proceeded to purchase this land, God allowed the government to invest a significant amount of money in refurbishing the lake in front of the land. Then they began to build an asphalt road from the national highway passing through our land. Later, we learned that this project was part of the government’s planning for the new rural area of Hanoi city. More than anyone, we recognized that all that happened was in God’s plan and design.

2016: Design and Construction

Subsequently, God brought to us an Australian architect who deeply revered God. He was moved and volunteered to design the blueprint for the Aquila Center free of charge. God also coordinated the hearts of many to support, pray, contribute financially, and put effort into building Aquila. This included significant involvement and labor from the drug addicts themselves and their parents.

February 2016: Naming of the Aquila Rescue Center

The name Aquila means ‘eagle’, symbolizing strength, endurance, soaring high, and flying far. We hope that those who come here will be powerfully and comprehensively restored by the Lord, both physically and spiritually, and that they will endure, continue to soar high and fly far with God.

Sân Bóng & Khu Thể Dục

October 2018: Construction of a Football Field and Sports Area

The sports area was completed, including a standard turf football field and various sports training equipment provided for the participants.

November 2018: Receipt of the Religious Activity Certificate

The program to receive the Religious Activity Certificate and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Vietnam Full Gospel Church was held at the center’s football field, with over 1000 attendees. Many government departments also attended and congratulated the event, including the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Government Committee for Religious Affairs, the People’s Committee of Hanoi City, the Hanoi Religious Affairs Committee, the Hanoi Police Department, and the People’s Committee of Quoc Oai District.

November 2018: Completion of 16 Individual Prayer Rooms

Also, at that time, a personal meditation area consisting of 16 prayer rooms was completed to meet the spiritual needs of the participants.

Khu Chăn Nuôi & Trồng Chọt

November 2018: Vegetable Garden and Livestock Area

The center also intensified its efforts in livestock farming and organic vegetable cultivation. Currently, the vegetable garden not only meets but also exceeds the needs of the center.

April 2022: Groundbreaking for the Beritsin Women’s Center

After 10 years of nurturing and praying, the Beritsin Women’s Center was initiated to serve and assist women who have fallen into social vices.




Ms. Nam Quốc Trung
Founder, Director of Aquila Center & Co-Manager of HT AQUILA.


– Establishing direction for Aquila

– Representing Aquila before various organizations and associations

– Managing and operating Aquila

– Providing addiction counseling

Ms. Tạ Kỳ Hanh
Co-Manager of AQUILA CHURCH & Head of the Education Department.


– Planning training and education for students.

– Organizing training courses for staff.

– Providing addiction counseling.

Nguyễn Thị Hồng Vân
Coordinator of the Women's Center


– Managing and operating the female students.

– Planning care and training for female students.

– Providing addiction counseling.

Trịnh Quang Dũng
Center & Health Coordinator


– Managing and operating Aquila.

– Conducting initial health examinations and care for students.

– Providing health and mental counseling for students.


Trần Văn Dương
Center Head & ACTS Team Leader.


– Managing students at the center.

– Training students.

– Counseling.

– Maintaining the activities of the students.

Nguyễn Tiến Hoàng
Deputy Center Head & Deputy ACTS Team Leader & Prayer Grace Team Leader.


– Managing students.

– Supervising and maintaining the activities of the students.

Vang Thị Cẩm


– Kitchen Management

Food and essential supplies for the center and students.

– Maintenance of electrical and water systems

Nguyễn Thị Thanh
Head of Women's Center 1


– Managing students at the center.

– Training students.

– Counseling.

– Maintaining the activities of the students.

Hoàng Mỹ Linh
Head of Women's Center 2


– Managing students.

– Supervising and maintaining the activities of the students.


Trần Tuấn Long
Administration Manager


– Creating and managing student records.

– Scheduling monthly classes and study sessions.

– Maintaining office operations.

– Organizing center activities according to the plan.

Lê Vạn Thiên Minh


Hồ Thị Khánh Hiền


– Keeping and managing records of expenses at the center and for students.

– Preparing financial reports.

Vũ Thu Hồng


– Keeping and managing records of expenses at the center and for students.

– Preparing financial reports.