About Aquila Center

Aquila Rehab Center has pastoral programs of helping and caring rescuing drug addicts as well as others who are entangled in social evils. These pastoral programs are carried out by the power of God on the basis of the Word of God. The addicts are not detained here, there is also no fence, but there is only the love of God…

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Study Bible

Practitioners learn the Word of God knowing that His Word has the power to transform their life.

Praise Lord

When the practitioners learned about God’s plan of salvation for sinners. With their gratitude, the practitioners praised the Lord.


Old practitioners share the experience and blessings of God for the new practitioners.

Cooking & Cleanup

Everyday, practitioners are assigned to cook and clean.

Sports & Exercise

In addition to studying God’s Word and worshiping Him, Practitioners forge exercise and sports at the aquila center.

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